Mouse with pocket scales

Mouse with pocket scales 01.08.2021 [09:22], Pavel Kotov

One of the most useful inventions for computers is the USB interface, it is so simple that its possibilities are almost endless. This is once again confirmed by a new product that has appeared in the Brando online store. It is a USB optical mouse with built-in pocket digital scales. No matter what they say about the inappropriateness of computers in the kitchen, many people open their laptops in the catering unit, and during cooking, especially demanding gourmets prefer to check the ingredients with an accuracy of fractions of a gram.

The device under the prosaic name USB Optical Mouse with Pocket Digital Scale weighs objects weighing from 0.1 to 500 grams. The ergonomic symmetrical design of the mouse is suitable for both left and right-handers, although gamers may not be happy with it as it is a product for work only. There are no additional programmable buttons, only left and right buttons, and a scroll wheel. And the scales. The balance requires a pair of AAA batteries, which is somewhat unexpected, in theory it would be possible to do with USB power. The cost of a mouse with weights is only $ 22.

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