Photos of iPad Air 2 components point to A8X chip, 2GB RAM and Touch ID

Photos of iPad Air 2 components point to A8X chip, 2GB RAM and Touch ID 13.10.2021 [00:01], Konstantin Khodakovsky

Apple is expected to unveil second-generation iPad Air on October 16. Compared to rumors prior to the iPhone 6 announcement, we've seen relatively few leaks about the new tablet. However, previously published photos suggest minor design changes, thinner body and other improvements. The latest leak published photos of the components of the future tablet, including the main board with logic, flex cable for the Home button and the front panel.

According to these leaks, the new tablet will still receive a single-chip A8X system, and not A8, as previously thought - this can be seen in the photo of the main board of the device. The A8X chip is an improved version of the A8 used in the iPhone 6 smartphones (presumably with significantly more powerful graphics). Previously it was speculated that the A8X will only appear in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which is expected to be released next year.

Home button flex cable for new tablet includes hole for Touch ID fingerprint reader and stainless steel ring. For the first time, Apple will equip its tablets with a fingerprint sensor - this will not only make it easier to work with a tamper-proof device, but also, probably, will make it possible to work with the new Apple Pay payment system.

The iPad Air 2 and Apple iPad mini 3 tablets are due to be presented to the public on Thursday at the previously announced event. The iPad Air 2, in addition to the features mentioned, will reportedly receive an 8-megapixel rear camera, anti-glare coating and 2 GB of RAM (in previous leaks - 1 GB of RAM). Retina HD panel is also possible.


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