The number of applications for porting a mobile number in the Russian Federation exceeded 13 million

The number of applications for porting a mobile number in the Russian Federation exceeded 13 million 25.01.20221 [18:00], Sergey Karasev

The Federal Communications Agency (Rossvyaz) informs that the number of applications for porting a subscriber number within the framework of the MNP (Mobile Number Portability) service in our country has already exceeded 13 million.

MNP service is provided in Russia from December 1, 2021. It allows you to keep your old mobile number when you switch to another mobile operator.

In order to use the service of mobile number portability, the subscriber can personally write an application in the operator's salon or leave a request to switch to the selected operator with his own number and receive a SIM card without visiting the salon of this company.

True, the service is provided only if a number of conditions are met. In particular, the application may be rejected if the number does not match the subscriber with the donor operator (that is, the phone number is registered with the operator for another subscriber). In addition, the operator can refuse in case of incorrect personal data of the subscriber, the presence of a debt for communication services, when the number is blocked, etc.

Therefore, the number of actually ported numbers differs significantly from the total number of applications. So, as of January 24, 20221, about 7.7 million mobile numbers were ported, which is approximately 60% of the total number of sent applications.

“From the point of view of the structure of unsuccessfully completed processes of porting subscriber numbers, the bulk of refusals are still applications rejected by the donor operator. This means that the refusals are not related to technical issues, the transfers themselves are carried out efficiently and on time, the main reasons are the subscriber's debt and the inconsistency of personal data, "Rossvyaz notes.


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