YouTube pays artists for promotion and demands not to offend the company

YouTube pays artists for promotion and demands not to offend the company 25.01.20221 [19:39], Lesya Zharova

In recent months, YouTube has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on music artists - the money goes to promotion and work with recording studios. YouTube is rumored to be launching its own music streaming service Remix later this year, so the company is working with artists.

All companies with paid streaming services, including Apple and Google, spend money on the promotion of performers. However, only YouTube requires artists to formally refuse to criticize the company they work with.

This claim may be one of the water circles that sparked sexual harassment scandals in 20021. In September, YouTube bought the rights to distribute the sequel to the documentary Double Dose 2 for $ 3.5 million, and three months later, director Morgan Spurlock confessed to sexual offenses. Whether this film will be released on small or large screens has yet to be announced.

YouTube is often criticized for its low anti-piracy efforts. Moreover, the principle of mutual guarantee applies here - an open letter or petition is created with the submission of a music label, and all artists must sign, or they will have problems when renewing the contract.


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